Woman in a Blue Gown

Written by Miguel Almendarez

A struggling artist paints a wealthy woman’s portrait, an event that will have major repercussions for them both.

Project Details

Genre: Drama 
Year: 2014
Length: TBD

The Mind Behind the Production

I grew up in the North Hills, graduated from Pine-Richland High School when it was Richland High School, and have lived in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and California.

I received a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Magdalen College in Warner, New Hampshire; took classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers; and attended Act One: Writing for Hollywood in Los Angeles.

I’ve been a teacher, a construction worker, an organist, a stablehand, and a Christmas ornament designer, among other things. I’ve had paintings exhibited and sold in the Three Rivers Arts Festival, and would have been a member of a folk rock band but my friends wouldn’t pull the trigger.

I am a recipient of an Art Within screenwriting fellowship, and have had my short stories published in the Acentos Review and E-fiction. To get this closer to 200 words, I’ve also been a summer camp counselor, lived in a haunted house, shaken hands with a Pope, and have some of my artwork hanging in Europe (last I heard).