Aspie Seeks Love

Aspie Seeks Love is a documentary which follows a fearless outsider who has been searching for love longer than many of us have been alive. David Matthews has spent the past twenty years posting personal ad fliers to telephone poles seeking love – fliers that double as art pieces featuring witty, humorous prose, pop culture references, and suave photos of the artist. He wasn’t diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome until age forty-one, at which point his entire life changed, including his strategy for winning the love of women and achieving his artistic dreams.   Directed by Julie Sokolow and executive produced by Danny Yourd of ANIMAL, the company behind the Sundance-winningBlood Brother.

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Genre: Documentary
Year: 2015
Length: 72 Minutes
World Premiere: Cinequest
Awards: Best Documentary Feature Film- Cinequest 2015  |  Best Documentary Feature Film- Omaha Film Festival 2015
Director: Julie Sokolow
Producer: Julie Sokolow & Danny Yourd
Screenwriter: Julie Sokolow
Music: Anita Fix, Julie Sokolow, The Working Poor
Cinematographer: Julie Sokolow, Tim Murray, John Pope
Editor: Julie Sokolow
Cast: David Matthews, Erika Mikkalo, Chuck Kinder

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Therein lies the greatness of “Aspie Seeks Love.” Most people don’t have Asperger’s syndrome, but few are capable of leading happy lives without love.

2 March 2015

Huffington Post


“Aspie Seeks Love is engaging, funny, thought provoking and emotive. While watching the film, you quickly forget that you are watching a man with Aspberger’s syndrome, instead you just see a man who is searching for love.  You become immersed in his story.”

18 Feb 2015