Rocky Braat, a young man from a fractured family and a troubled past, went traveling through India without a plan. Then he met a group of HIV positive children living in an orphanage — a meeting that changed everything for him.

Rocky left his life, friends, and career in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to live with the kids. Steve Hoover, his best friend and filmmaker, was unsettled and intrigued by this drastic action. In an effort to find out what compelled Rocky to give up every source of stability in his life, Hoover decided to trace Rocky’s story, following him to India. He witnessed Rocky and the kids endure disease, abject poverty, and death. But, strangest of all, in the midst of these troubles, he also saw their deep joy.  And he came to understand why Rocky had given up everything he had to experience it.

Blood Brother is a story of friendship. It’s a story of a life, stripped down to its essence. Most of all, it is a story about love, enduring in the face of death.

Steeltown supported the documentary Blood Brother, which won the 2013 Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award.


Genre: Documentary
Year: 2013
Length: 93 minutes
Directed by: Steve Hoover
Executive Producer: Steve Hoover, Leigh Blake, John Carlin
Producer: Danny Yourd


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WINNER Sundance 2013 Grand Jury Prize
WINNER Sundance 2013 Audience Award
WINNER Hot Docs 2013 Audience Award
WINNER Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Audience Award, International Section
WINNER Big Sky Documentary Festival Best Feature
WINNER Kansas International Film Festival Audience Award
WINNER Crested Butte Festival Audience Award
WINNER Crested Butte Festival ACT Award
WINNER Thin Line Documentary Festival Audience Award
WINNER Atlanta 2013 Audience Award for Best Feature
WINNER Milano Film Festival Awards Best Documentary
WINNER Gdansk Documentary Festival Audience Award
NOMINEE Cinema for Peace Most Valuable Documentary of the Year
NOMINEE Milano Film Festival Awards Best Editing


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